After the Detox

A few weeks ago I went on a detox with Peter Hinde.  The detox was based on the Arise and Shine protocol and yes, used psyllium husk and bentonite clay as well as herbs, minerals, enzymes, green juices, raw foods and liver flushes.  Wow, quite a list!  

I also had an Iridology consultation with Peter, which was very helpful in identifying areas of my body that were under stress or weak.  

Peter has an interesting way of working that I was not prepared for before the retreat, in that he seeks mental-emotional healing for those who come to work with him through detoxing and powerful nutrition.  He does not focus on just the physical body, he advocates emotional detoxing as equally important, saying that unless you release your emotions you will not be able to release all of the toxins in your physical body.  For me, that is deep wisdom, and I enjoyed its acknowledgement and the range of experiences we were offered along with our tasteless ‘shakes’ and ‘herbs’, which made the process something extra-ordinarily special.

I went to the week really wanting to move some of the accumulated mercury and other bits I felt I had gathered in my head which was getting in the way of me being wittier and quicker and remembering where I put my keys!  I am sure that I detoxed quite a bit of mercury, however there is more …  so, yes I would go on another of Peter’s detoxes, but first I’m going to do a parasite cleanse and see how much of a detox I can do at home (ha, ha).
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The day the detox finished was a glorious day and my friend Oona and I arranged that we meet our husband’s on a quiet beach off the beaten track.  It was such a thrill when, as we arrived on the beach, they arrived in a sea-kayak with our friend Chris, laden down with a raw feast for us all!!! The icing on the cake was that the water was green, the sun was hot and we could have been in Thailand – that’s North Devon for you! ;o)))

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