Cabbage Bowl

I was away on the weekend and found a perfect kale salad bowl! I am soooo excited!

It even has cabbage servers!

I have made kale salad in it already – of course!!

Never made kale salad? It is a lovely warming winter salad.
If you haven’t, here are the basics …

It seems you can only get chopped kale leaves in supermarkets. If you can get whole kale leaves it is better, they will have retained more water.

Cut down the sides of the stalk of the kale leaves and remove it. If using cut kale you will have to squeeze the kale to feel where the stalks are and remove them by pulling the leaf from the stalk.

Next you can do several things:
You can sprinkle a little ground sea salt or himalayan salt on it.
You can coat the leaves with oil
You can do a little of each.
After this, massage the kale for 3-5 minutes. It can be quite tiring as we don’t use our hands in this way much, but it will make them stronger! You will experience the water coming out of the kale and the bulk reducing to half! Now it is ready to dress.

The simplest is to take a ripe avocado and massage into the kale with your hands. Yum!

Another simple dressing:
1T raw tahini
2T unpasteurised, unfiltered cider vinegar
A few drops of chilli essence
2T olive oil

Massage into the kale with your hands to throughly coat it.

Add chopped tomato pieces, soaked or sprouted seeds and enjoy!

This is a very satisfying meal that is full of essential amino acids (protein) and alkalysing.


Lisa ;o)

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