Chocolate and Mood

I raw friend of mine sent me a link to Jon Barron talking about chocolate and mood. Yes, we know that some of these influence the level of feel-good brain chemicals such as dopamine, the “love” hormone, and serotonin – which eases pain.

Jon was talking about a 2007 study into the impact of chocolate on mood by Professor Parker of the Blackdog Institute. It says “The opioids are morphine-like and lower pain and that also flows through into mental well-being.” and then Jon says that the new study concludes that the opiate effect of chocolate does not necessarily lead to bliss or even relief!

The basis for this is that it is the ANTICIPATION of chocolate that stimulates the dopamine, not the actual chocolate. That we tend to anticipate the next piece before we have eaten the current one and should SLOW DOWN and appreciate the piece we eating!  It was also said that doing exercise would have a greater and longer lasting effect.

In the first year I was eating all-raw I discovered raw chocolate. Every day I made what I came to call my ‘daily chocolate alchemy’. Made each day with love for myself and appreciation. Knowing that I was loading it with foods that were packed with nutrients and none of the harmful fats and sugars associated with what we usually call chocolate. Then I would sit down and slowly eat my blessing and truly be ‘blessed and blissed’. Yep! It was a wonderful time in my day. I carried a pot of it in my bag and whenever I had a grumbly tummy or I felt a bit down or tired I would eat some and it did the trick.

When I was hungry it seemed to surpress my appetite (or maybe it satiated my body’s desire for nutrition). Well, what I am trying to say is that for some people chocolate does not help them. Kevin Gianni had a terrible time eating raw chocolate. But for me, it is a gift. For you – who knows? Only you can find out…

I love to eat nutrient dense raw chocolate that I have made myself (it is so easy and fun) and to take the time to listen to my body when I eat it. Listening to your own body is, for me, the key. Do what makes your body feel great and gives you energy and positivity.

Now I don’t have chocolate every day. It was a phase that lasted only about 6 months, then I made chocolate much less often. I think it is because my need for the (incredible amount of) nutrients in it was satiated, as this is how it has been for me on my raw diet more generally.

Thankyou Jon for the interview! If you have not heard it, follow this link to listen:

I’m off to the gym!
much love
Lisa ;o))

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