Congratulations Matt and Angela!

Yesterday I was outraged when I heard on the news that a report that the National Health Service has commissioned recommended that all women should have the choice of having a caesarian because caesarians are safer now. This is in spite of the fact that it costs the Health Service £1,000 more per birth, and this is at a time of cutting costs.

It became apparent that the reason for this is that women are frightened of the pain of childbirth and are worried that it will change their body. For me this becomes a boutique procedure. At no time in the development of our species has this been an option and we have still got here! I am all in favour of moving forward, but this seems like a dead end to me.

Then this morning I opened a post from Matt and Angela of the Raw Food World and it was the announcement of their baby daughter. They are people who really work on health and have prepared for the birth of their baby for a long while. This baby was born at home with only 1hr 17mins in labour! Perhaps they are on to something.

There is a gaping hole where nutrition and lifestyle fit into the health equation in our modern world.

I attach the link so you can see for yourself the happy family, and wish the happy family, and especially their beautiful baby, many joys!

Wishing you great health!

Lisa ;o)

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