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Okay, today is **BIG** day. I am going to share my chocolate alchemy secrets with you. But beware, this information could change your life. All for the better, of course! All for the happier and healthier! I used to make a lot of ‘soft’ chocolate – it would stave off hunger pangs and cause complete delight to erupt in my being.

Here’s to inspiration and complete ecstasy!

The Truth about Chocolate

What you have known as chocolate bars aren’t so much chocolate bars as bars of hydrogenated fat, nutrient-free high-glycaemic sugar and dairy products. Yes, the chocolate gets a bad press from what it is mixed with. However, chocolate itself has amazing health-giving properties. It is the number one dietary source of magnesium, which is associated with relaxation and happiness :o))) and is one reason why many women crave it around the time of menstruation. It is also very high in sulphur, the ‘beauty mineral’. Added to that, it is rich in antioxidants, it’s a natural anti-depressant, and is reputed to be an aphrodisiac! It contains over 300 identifiable chemical compounds, making it one of the most complex foods known. It has been attributed with increasing mental focus and awareness and is said to help keep you happy because of the Anandamide and Phenylethlamine it contains, So not only does it taste divine, it makes you feel like a goddess too!

Here is my blueprint for daily chocolate alchemy, guaranteed to bring out your creativity and transform an ordinary moment into a magical one!

Soft Chocolate Alchemy
The chocolate I am going to tell you how to make is soft because it does not have cacao butter in it, which I personally think dilutes its luxurious taste. It is so soft that you eat it sensuously off a spoon – or with your finger! The lack of cacao (chocolate) butter also makes this easier to make.

I have a small baby food jar that I often fill and put in my bag for any moment that I might need it. It will keep well as long as it is kept cool and away from me!

Do note that cacao does have caffeine in it and so is a stimulant. Some people do not get on with it for this reason and experience palpitations and other symptoms. Please listen to your body. My body loves it. I did eat a lot for a while and then came to a point where I did not crave it so much. I think that I had a nutritional deficiency and needed the magnesium and other nutrients.

This is certainly guilt-free, maximum bliss food. So bask in the delight and total joy that it offers!

Okay, okay, so you are raring to get to the tasting time. Well, soft chocolate is basically chocolate powder mixed with an oil and a sweetener – you can also add something for a bit of texture or crunch. If I don’t want so much oil, I will put in what I want to use and get the texture right with water. So here are some of the things that I add to my pot of possibilities to come up with the magic of the day…

I add to the chocolate powder:
mesquite – my favourite – a sweet, rich, molasses-like flavour with a hint of caramel – both sustaining and comforting. A high protein powder containing high quantities of calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron and zinc, and rich in the amino acid lysine. Also high in dietry fibre. It is good for diabetics as its sweetness comes from fructose, which the body can process without insulin. In addition, its soluble fibres slow the absorption of nutrients, resulting in a flattened blood sugar curve. This also means that it staves off hunger! Also use in smoothies and puddings.

maca – tastes a bit like horlicks, and is full of wonderful nutrition! As our soil has become demineralised, so have our bodies, which makes us susceptible to disease, amongst other things. Maca will help you to remineralise quickly and naturally. It also contains high amounts of vitamins and enzymes. It has about 10% bio-available calcium and all the essential amino acids, giving it an average bioavailable protein content of around 14%. It contains nearly 60 phytochemicals and is an ‘adaptogen’. Although maca doesn’t contain hormones it may seem like it as it naturally stimulates the pituitary into producing the precursor hormones which end up raising/balancing oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels. It also helps to balance the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the pancreas. This is just a snippet of what it can do for you! I can really feel the difference when I take maca!

purple corn powder
– so chocca with powerful antioxidants! Not a strong taste but a source of hard to get purple phytonutrients and will bulk out your mix and be really good for you

spirulina, chlorella, barleygrass powder, wheatgrass powder
– I know this sounds odd, but the chocolate and these flavours work really well. Also a great way to boost your chlorophyll intake. I can’t do justice to the incredible benefits of taking these here, or the differences between them. Make a note to read further on them. Try to add at least spirulina into your diet each day!

– another great tasting ingredient. It has a rich, creamy texture and can turn your creations into heavenly delights! It is an excellent source of carbohydrates, fibre, vitamins and minerals. It has lots of beta-carotene, niacin (B3) and iron.

All of these can also be used in smoothies and puddings.

Also ..
ground nuts and seeds – sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, almonds – sometimes I just haven’t fitted in pumpkin seeds or something else, so I know I can slip some in my daily mix

For oils I use ..
flax oil – they say that we are so deficient in Omega 3 in our diets here that you can take mainly flax oil for your first 2 years raw before you have caught up. However I do find that I am veering more to puddings and crackers made with ground flax seeds for this as it is almost impossible to buy oil that is not rancid.

hemp oil
– another fantastic oil with an ideal omega 3,6,9 profile, and good tasting.

coconut oil
– I was amazed when I found out that this oil can help you to lose weight! It is sooooooo delicious!

sesame oil – another great and healing oil

olive oil
– not ideal taste wise, but sometimes it is all I have, and that’s ok.

Sweeteners ..
agave nectar – even the heated and processed agave nectars seem to have a better effect on me than even honey. I find the high glycaemic nature of honey unbalancing and I am now used to things not being so sweet.

yacon syrup
– darker, thicker, quite yummy. Also a pro-biotic [or a pre-pro-biotic!].

– a plant based sweetener sold in a form that looks like sugar. I find this too like sugar for this recipie and it doesn’t really taste right.

– sometimes the mesquite alone sweetens enough

Texture …
sesame seeds – full of calcium, they compliment the magnesium in the chocolate [although chocolate does have some calcium in as well].

cacao nibs
– need I say more!

– sprouted and dried buckwheat – you don’t need a dehydrator to dry these as they dry so easily. Packed with nutrition! I will explain how to make buckwheaties in another post.

goji berries
mmm, mmm. These just give my insides such a feeling of wellbeing – and you can grow them in your garden! Nice if you soak them beforehand too. Packed with extremely high levels of antioxidants and protein.

dried apricots
[dark, unsulphured ones] – cut into tiny pieces these add an iron boost to the mix.

Well of course this is not exhaustive [mint and chilli and asking me to add them, but I do have to draw the line!], and hopefullly gives you some ideas to get started. Just look around and see what you fancy adding and have it in your ‘chocolate alchemy kit’. I used to mix some up and put into a small baby food jar and carry it in my bag for when I needed it, and then would suck it luxuriously off the spoon! Like a nutritional rescue remedy and cuddle buddy all in one!!! ENJOY ;o)) xx

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