Dr Mercola juicing for me

Dr Mercola is making a juice for his lady – he does it every morning! Yes guys, this is the new barbecue-ing! You don’t have to cook but you can light up your lady’s day by making her a green juice in the morning! Not know what to put in? Here’s a starter recipe:
1 head organic celery
1 organic cucumber
2 apples
1 handful greens (kale, a lettuce, white cabbage, parsley, red cabbage, wild greens or any other greens or combination of these)
1″ ginger cut from a piece of root (opt)
Put through the juicer and serve in a pint glass.
There should be enough to treat yourself as well ;o))
If it’s good for Dr Mercola, surely it’s good for you?!
Feel the life!
Live awesome
Raw Lisa ;o))
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