Energy in the absence of sugar

I think of my body as my very own on-going chemistry experiment. I put food in and see what happens. Sometimes I’m turbo-charged, sometimes lethargic, but mostly I’m full of energy and enthusiasm! Recently my energy has slumped.

Over the last couple of days, after finally reading the WHOLE of Gabriel Cousens’ book Rainbow Green Live Cuisine and I have decided to cut down my sugar intake. He reccommends 3 months with no sugar – that includes sugar from fruit – to kill anaerobic bugs in the system and bring the body back into balance. Personally, I am not sure I can do that at the moment. It feels like too big a challenge for me. However, I am REALLY cutting down. I only had one small home-grown apple and an orange yesterday and one apple, an orange, a kiwi fruit and one grape today! Mmmm, sounding like a bit of a list there …

buy hey, already, I have much, much more energy and motivation. Coooooooool! There’s a bit more encouragement for me!

I’ll continue the experiment …

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