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Today I went on a wild food walk with the wonderful Clio Wandrausch, in Totnes. We wandered across a stream, through some fields to a spring where we collected the most beautiful ‘wild water’, and sauntered back, through her allotment to her kitchen with our prize collection of ‘wild edibles’. Yes, wild. They have grown all by themselves without us planting them or watering them! They grow strong and are powerful foods. They are strong because they are the survivors in the crowded patch. They were the one that survived while the others didn’t.

On our menu today was raw hoummous, raw green soup, horseradish tahini, green fingers and pickled ramsoms. On the cooked menu there was also green fish, green fingers and elderflower fritters. I was completely stuffed at the end. Yum, yum, yum!

This picture is of [left to right] ‘green fingers’ which are like a raw, green version of a nori roll. Next there is ‘green fish’, which contains no fish at all but are wild leaves cooked in batter. On the right are elderflower fritters.

We rolled up all kinds of goodies in the ‘green fingers’. Mmmm.

Here is the raw hummus I made. I was very proud of it – it was deeeeelicious, even though I say it myself! It was made from soaked chickpeas, some soaked pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, lots of sorrel and some ramsoms and olive oil.

Finally, a picture of the whole wild feast.

I was soooo full and my tummy sooooooooo happy! A wonderful day that I would highly recommend.

If you would like to join one of Clio’s wild walks, call her on 01803 865836.

What wild foods do you harvest and how do you use them?

;o) Lisa xx

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