Halloween ;o)))

In my pre-raw days Halloween was always a big deal in my house. Whilst we would always take a moment to remember our loved ones that had passed on, we would also use this great opportunity to have FUN!

One of the biggest parts of Halloween though was re-naming all the food we made as very gruesome items. For example, the pumpkin pie and custard became baby pie and puss, tomato soup became fresh children’s blood, strawberry jam and tomato ketchup both became clots of blood, quavers became witches toenails, mini sausages were wizards willies, cheese puffs were witches nipples, marshmallows with a spot of food dye in the middle became eyeballs, pasta and pesto became maggots and goo, breadsticks became magic wands and crisps became scabs. And of course there were always cookies in the shapes of bats and shop-bought sweets in the shape of creepy crawlies.  The more ‘horrible’ the food the more the kids LOVED it!  One year the trick-or-treaters who called at our house ran screaming when we offered them baby pie and puss!

As the years went by and as the family went raw, this tradition slowly started to fade. But today … I say no more! I am off to the shops to purchase a witches hat and fake cobwebs for the house, and the pumpkin is already sat at home grinning away. Why can’t my (or any other raw foody’s) Halloween be just as SCARY as everyone else’s?

So here are a few scream-worthy name ideas for your raw recipes to get you started too!
Herb teas = a cup of spit
Tomato soup = fresh children’s blood
Dehydrated fruit leathers or vegetable chips = witches toenails or scabs
RawLisa’s Tomato Breadsticks = magic wands
Dried cranberries = witches warts
Guacamole = bowl of snot
Candied nuts = boils
Spiced or chilli nuts = gall stones
Strawberry or raspberry couli or cranberry juice = blood
Custard or cream = puss
Courgetti and tomato sauce or pesto = worms and bloody gore
Chocolate mousse = mud
Ice creams = frozen puss
Pumpkin pie = baby pie
Ginger biscuits = magic bites
Chocolate Truffles rolled in sesame seeds or coconut = mud and dandruff
Nutritional yeast flakes = skin flakes
Mulberries and raisins = rat droppings
Coconut balls with cranberry/ goji or blueberry decoration = eyeballs
Celery sticks = bones
Kale and avocado salad = drainpipe slime
The possibilities are endless!
Wishing you a gruesome Halloween….mwah ha ha…

Lisa ;o) 

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