High Raw, Seaweed and Superfoods

I have been eating raw for quite a while now. I had an epiphany early in Jan07 when I realised that you can eat 100% raw and be healthy – really healthy. I then went 100% raw for a long time. More recently I have been between 90-95% raw most of the time. I have lost loads of weight and feel great – that’s what it is about, what I really want is to feel great! To be healthy and have lots of energy and for my mind to be clear.

This level of raw-ness can be daunting to some and it seems that even having a little cooked food makes it all more do-able for most people and much less confusing. Well, here is a great resource for you. You may know of Kevin Gianni. I came across him a couple of years ago when he was the interviewer for the first ‘Raw Summit‘, which was over 2 weeks of hour long interviews with raw food experts. I then joined his blog and have benefited hugely from his raw food adventures. Kevin has now interviewed hundreds of raw food experts and himself eats a ‘high raw’ diet. He has even written a book called ‘High Raw’. It is a great book that clearly sets out and simplifies many of the raw food and high-raw principles.

The best news is that I am about to give you the link to download this book for free!

I will give you the link in a minute, first of all, let me update you with some North Devon news: Dr Pip Jollands and myself will be running a day on the beach foraging for seaweed on the 20th September. If you are interested watch my website for final details and call 01237 472135 to book a place.
Superfoods are now available in Bideford. Alessia in the Energy Bar has a basket of assorted superfoods and raw chocolate you can pop in and stock up on – whilst having a juice or a smoothie of course!

That link to a downloadable, free ebook by Kevin Gianni is:

High Raw by Kevin Gianni

Why not sign up to his blog too?

PS My band ‘Babelfish’ is playing at the Blacksmiths in Bideford on Saturday night – why not pop in and see us?

Wishing you sunshine and smiles.

Lisa ;o)

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