I’m on a Detox!

With modern lifestyles, conventional chemical-laden farming and highly-processed diets, detoxing should be as normal as having a birthday. Many of my friends would think that I don’t need to detox because I eat raw food! I wish it were so, but the need for all of us to detox regularly is much deeper than you may think.

There are different types of detox that focus on different areas/systems in the body. After detoxing your colon, there is your liver and gallbladder, then there is a kidney flush, heavy metal cleanse and parasite cleanse. Some of these only take a few days, others more than a month.  And before this you need to start with a colon cleanse.  So how do you know if you need to detox?  Well all of us will need to detox at regular intervals because we live in such a polluted society, however fatigue, excess weight, candida, difficulty sleeping etc can indicate the need to detox.

I have done some detoxes but I feel it is time for a longer and deeper one for me, so I have come on a week long detox with Peter Hinde, hosted by Catherine and Stuart at Cranleigh House in Combe Martin.  On this detox we will be doing a colon and liver cleanse and hopefully I will also be able to get rid of some of my accumulated toxins from food pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers, household chemicals and environmental toxins.  I am also hoping to rid myself of some of the mercury in my brain from having my amalgam fillings removed in the early 90s when procedures were not as developed.  So not wanting much!

There are  now ‘mercury-free’ dentists and the College of Naturopathic Medicine has a list of UK ones here.

The main detoxing protocol that we are be following is the Arise and Shine programme which is rigorous.  It starts at 6am and requires that you take something every hour and a half, either a ‘shake’, ‘green juice’, ‘herbs’ or ‘meal’.  Along with that there is some activity on every morning, eg yoga with Catherine, or rebirthing with Peter.  Before our daytime meal there is a walk to one of the beautiful places in North Devon. Some evenings there is ‘point holding’.   In between you are encouraged to use one of the far infrared saunas (see me in a girly pink and silver one!), to body brush and have hot and cold showers, all methods of getting the blood and lymph flowing round to carry nutrients around the body and to aid in the release of toxins.  So, a pretty full timetable!

Join me again for more ….

Lisa ;o)

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