Kale Dressing

I have just come back from 4 days away. Sometimes I think that I have travelling and eating raw sorted, sometimes I feel caught out. However, on this trip I had a pleasing experience. I had run out of food and my husband was calling in at a service station for some food. He is not raw, although he ‘aspires’ to be high-raw. I find these places really hard, and I was hungry! Even the Marks and Spencer food stop does not always present me with food that will satisfy me. However this time I found a bag of chopped kale and broccoli, then a bottle of dressing that had only natural ingredients in it. Along with the tahini that I already had, I had a meal that I felt good about.

In the winter I really crave kale and cabbage and broccoli. At the moment I am eating loads of it with tahini dressing. Here’s what a dressing might look like, but of course, in real life it is different each time.

Tahini Dressing
quarter cup of olive oil (sometimes I replace a tablespoon with hemp oil)
heaped desert spoon of tahini
few drops of strong chilli sauce
1 or 2 cloves garlic squished in a garlic press
teaspoon agave
I am in love with ginger and juice a half kilo of ginger root and get almost a pint of ginger juice from it, which I then add to all sorts of dishes, both sweet and sour. I would also add some here.
Add water if you want it to go further.
Put it on top of the chopped kale, to which I might add chopped spring onions and other greens, and massage it in with my fingers. That might sound a bit messy, but it really is the best way to mix it in and get the greens well coated.
I might then chop in some bits of tomato and sprinkle some nutritional yeast flakes on top.
To go with it I love chopped avocado tossed in a spoonful of pesto – yum!
Enjoy! ;o)
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