My Raw Christmas Dinner 2011

Yesterday we had Christmas lunch with a big group of friends and family, with games and a sing-song after. No television. Just being together, eating and sharing and having fun. Perfect. I hope you had your perfect Christmas day as well!

I did a short video on what I ate for lunch, I hope you enjoy.

Ok, so my Christmas Day menu was avocado with kale, tomato, red pepper and hazelnut salad, carrot and celeriac salad with fresh linseed oil and lime and  honey ‘roasted’ vegetables with herbs. For desert I ate a Raw Lisa ® Raw Luxury Christmas Pudding with mango custard (made with almond milk) I actually did the full monty Russell James version!

The drink I am sipping is soda water and angostura bitters with a slice of lemon – I later added a couple of cranberries, which looked very festive!

Happy holidays!

Lisa ;o)

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