Out and About and Eating Raw

This is such a wonderful time of year because we have flowers to eat!  I love the feeling I get from eating flowers.  My favourite is a big bowl of Evening Primrose flowers or little pink radish flowers – well I love most of them!  Some radiccios that we didn’t pick have come out in wonderful blue flowers – yum!  Here is my lunchtime bowl of salad from the garden ;o)))  What a wonderful way to eat a rainbow of goodness!

On Monday we were in Cribbs Causeway shopping centre near Bristol.  Many people ask me how to eat raw when you are out and about.  So, here is what I did for lunch that day. I went into Marks and Spencer food section and bought a pack of tender asparagus and a pack of tender broccoli and a tub of fresh pesto (It has a little pecorino sheep cheese in it – so not entirely raw).  If I had been on 100% raw that day I would have eaten a ripe avocado with it.

My husband chose a tub of fresh fruit salad and a sandwich, and on tasting mine said I had made a good choice ;o)) I thought so.  For under £5 I had an all I could eat fresh, raw, delicious, greeeeeeen lunch – and felt great!

Lisa ;o)))

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