Parsnip Rice with Ocean Vegetable Sauce

I made a sauce from Kate Wood’s book ‘Raw Living’ [I really hope to meet Kate one day!] and the second time I made it I adapted it to my taste and what is in my cupboard!

Here’s my take on sauce to go with parsnip rice:

Seaweed, soaked 10mins – I used some wakame, which is melt in the mouth after 10 minutes, and I added some I bought from a Chinese supermarket [a fraction of the price of Clearspring sea vegetables], which still has some bite after soaking, which I like.


Oil – a mix of sesame and flax cause I always look for ways to get the key foods into my diet, so this was an opportunity to get my daily dose of flax oil and those yummy Omega 3s.

Miso (or Marmite) – marmite is not raw, I know. I do prefer miso, however, the first time I made it I had run out of miso and my household are not all raw, so there was some marmite in the cupboard.

Garlic – one clove, put through a hand garlic press.

Ginger – chopped and pressed – mmm, I used the garlic press to press a bit of juice from it. I don’t know if it makes much difference, but it made my mouth water!

Put everything, except the seaweed into a blender and thoroughly blend.

Add the sauce to the seaweed and stir.

Serve with Parsnip Rice, another recipe I initially learnt from Kate and made to my own taste. To make it put a couple of parsnips, half an onion and the juice of half a lemon in a food processor for 30s – 1 min, until it resembles small ‘grains’ . Yum!

You would not believe how low in calories and yet sweet and lovely parsnips are – as well as being the ‘beauty vegetable’ as they strengthen hair and nails and improve skin quality.

I really enjoyed this meal with some kale and pumpkin seed salad in a spicy sauce on the side. Mmmm, nice and warming!


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