Do people think you are a party pooper because you want to eat healthy food at Christmas?  Not any more! 

  • From: Lisa Sture

  • Devon, UK

Lisa Sture

"How I personally converted 
my family and friends from skeptics
to being open to (and LOVING) 
a RAW FOOD CHRISTMAS Celebration…and you can too!”

Are you ...

    • Tired of feeling left out at Christmas celebrations with friends and family when you just want to eat differently or share your raw food lifestyle?

    • Wish you could bring along your raw food treats without feeling self-conscious and worried that people will think you are spoiling things by being 'too virtuous'?

    • Missing those irresistible CHRISTMAS TIME FAVOURITES?

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          I have been teaching raw food classes since 2007, and each year the most challenging time for me has been at Christmas. It's a time of coming together with loved ones and celebrating, but it can be too much for other people to see someone with what they think of as a salad for Christmas instead of a hot and hearty meal, and think you are suffering serious deprivation if you don't eat sugar-laden (and  worse) chocolate and snacks ... I had to adapt. So I started making recipes that would appeal to the more traditional eaters as well as to myself.

          Well ... it worked! And now I get asked to bring a raw Christmas pudding along (most seem to like it better than the usual shop-bought ones) and to bring chocolate for all to share. It gets passed around with the other food with no drama. I am adding recipes to the Christmas list all the time and decided, as I keep being asked for them, it is time to share!

          For a couple of years I produced my Christmas puddings to sell in shops and they always sold out, so I decided that sharing the recipes so everyone can enjoy them would be even better. So I created even more festive recipes, including a raw Christmas cake with marzipan and icing.

          If you want to have a happy, raw, gluten-free and dairy-free Christmas, enjoying family fun, you can now try out my recipe book 'A Raw Christmas Celebration'.

          Wishing you peace and joy this Yuletide!


... and don’t just take my word for it. Listen to what the press said about my recipes ...

Kate Magic

“Look at her Christmas Pudding! Amazing... we can tell U, it tastes as good as it looks.”   Kate Magic

British Vogue Cover"Shhh, a food sensation approaches!"  British Vogue

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"Raw luxury, delicious. If you want to lay down a really special treat on the Christmas table, this is your best bet!”    Get Fresh Magazine

Vegetarian Living Cover"Full goodness"    Vegetarian Living

When I first started eating and sharing my raw food diet I got some pretty unhelpful comments, especially during Christmas – the time when loved ones are supposed to share loving company over a beautiful meal. I felt like an outsider. I felt like I was spoiling the party.

All I wanted was for it to be over.

Can you relate? good news is, now you CAN be included in the celebration and share Christmas dinner once again AND remain true to yourself.

Hi everyone, I’m Lisa Sture from Raw Lisa. I’m a raw food educator and used to produce a range of raw bread replacements as well as selling the first commercially available Raw Christmas Pudding - that flew off the shelves!

I’m very excited to share with you the Tips, Tricks, Techniques and Recipes YOU need to create your ultimate RAW FOOD CHRISTMAS with confidence and style, whether with your extended family, or at home.

Get your hands on my book and discover…

    • Simple, quick and easy step-by-step techniques for preparing raw food feasts that save time and energy whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

    • How to look forward to Christmas dinner with friends and family without feeling awkward.

    • Creative ways to indulge in delectable food without craving comfort foods from Christmases past (even when they share the same table).

    • A no-pressure way to introduce the culinary experience of raw food to even the most skeptical dinner guests.

    • The secret to stop feeling like an outsider PLUS how to have people sampling (and LOVING) your raw creations. What better way to feel included in the celebration again?

    • How to embrace wheat and dairy allergies and intolerances without missing out on traditional Christmas favourites.

    • Full Christmas sample menus designed for you - so you don’t have to.

    • How to, once again, enjoy a full-blown Christmas experience.

    • A great resource, not just at Christmas but for celebrations throughout the year

This fantastic resource includes two Christmas day menu plans, and Ingredient Information notes for ingredients that may be unfamiliar, as well as links to suppliers.

Some of the 40 festive recipes to impress your family are:

Raw Lisa’s Christmas Pudding

Christmas cake - with marzipan and icing

Raw Christmas mince pies

Mocktails - so you can have bubbles too!

White chocolate snowballs - delicious

After dinner mint thins – like you used to have, but better

Chocolate mint matchsticks

Foffee Tudge

Sweet potato and aubergine terrine

Fresh Cranberry Jam

Italian chocolate cup

and much more …

There are also guest recipes by the amazing Raw Chef Sarmado Sibley who was a mainstream chef for 17 years. In that time he made food for many well-known names, celebrities and Heads of State, and now dedicates his art to raw food creations.

PLUS ...

A Christmas Present for YOU

Since you’re reading this, I’ll assume that you would like to find out how to include raw food at your next Christmas celebration. Christmas is a sugar-fest, as we all know, so I have put together a guide on sweeteners called  “Sweet Health – Healthy Alternatives to Sugar” worth £12.95.

Sweet Health contains lots of information about the pros- and cons- of sweeteners - the familiar ones and the not-so-familiar ones to help guide you to your tastiest and healthiest Christmas yet.

Inside you will discover ...

    • the best sweeteners for your health
    • a range of granular and liquid sweeteners
    • the glycemic load of each sweetener, that is, how much it will raise your blood sugar levels
    • 3 tips for reducing the impact of sugar on your health
    • where you can get these products

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