Raw Dinner Party – Raw Mom Summit – Durian

Wow, where does the time go? I have meant to blog loads of times by now, sooo, I have a lot to tell you.

Last Thursday we had our first Raw Dinner Party at the Energy Bar in Bideford. I thought the Raw Potlucks were going well with up to 12 people. However we had 20 bookings and were totally full! That bowled me over!

We had a couple of extra items of interest during the evening. I introduced a lesser known vegetable and a fruit. The vegetable was kohl rabi and the fruit was … DURIAN!!! (more below)

Soooooo, there is another one planned for the 16th July, 6pm. It’s a bargain at only a tenner, all that lovely food, company and a good night out! If you would like to come call in at the Energy Bar and talk to the lovely Alessia to book, or call Lisa on 017695 50408.

My favourite comment of the evening was, “I’m full. I didn’t think I would be!”

This is really exciting! I know some of you are eating raw and trying to feed families and wondering how to do it, well for 9 days – but we are already on day 2 – there is the ‘Raw Mom Summit’, and you can listen to it online for FREE!! However you have to take action NOW to listen free. If you don’t have time to listen now you can buy the CDs to listen when you want to.

So, log on to www.rawmomsummit.com and sign up!

PS I also recommend the book ‘Evie’s Kitchen’ by Shazzie. I have it and it is not just for little ones. It is packed with loooooaads of great recipies and has some well researched nutritional advice for keeping young ones optimally healthy. Here’s where you can buy it, www.fresh-network.com/acatalog/evieskitchen.html. Okay you could get it from Amazon, but why not support a small and raw organisation??

Okay, back to Durian! A word to those of you who are not sure if you have met a durian – if you had, you would know it! Durian is famous for smelling like blocked drains and is banned in some public transportation, hotels, subways and airports in Southeast Asia!!!!!!!! (Thank goodness the taste is soo good) I didn’t know how the durian would go down at the dinner, so I carefully took the soft inside of the fruit out and wrapped each mouthful in its own wrapper so that it could quickly be opened and eaten before too much smell escaped. The plan worked and most people tried this much talked about fruit. Not so surprising I suppose, as you have to be willing to try new things to be eating raw anyway!

So why are some raw foodists crazy over durian. Well, some love it’s creamy, not-too-sweet flavour, some hate its smell. You might love it for what’s in it, as it “provides an incredible array of phytonutrients and antioxidants to energise the body and lift the spirit. It is very good for combating stress, depression, anxiety, aggression and insomnia. It enhances the beauty for glowing complexion, hair, and skin, ” says Sheryl Walters (http://www.younglivingguide.com/). It is a great source of vitamin C, potassium, tryptophan, carbohydrates, proteins and rich in healthy fats.

Some of you asked for recipies, so I will put them up in my next few posts.

may good health be yours!

RawLisa ;O)

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