Raw Foods for Health and Vitality June 2010

Yay! Another course run … such fun!  I just love the day that we have eating and talking.  And I get so excited about the stars of the show – the fruits and vegetables. Think me strange, but when I see them sitting there emanating such wonderful energy – I get like a kid!  My friends will tell you that I get especially (over) excited about yellow peppers …

I used to call them my friends – and I truly hold them as good friends – however it doesn’t sound right when you eat your ‘friends’.  So I would like to find a better way of describing my relationship with them!!

Each course I do there are some new recipes in with the old favourites and this time a real winner was the cheese.  Catherine, our host at Cranleigh House was delighted ;o)  So, here is how you make it …


Take a cup of cashews and a cup of your favourite water and blend (in a blender) into a cream.  If this is not enough water, add a little more until it is thick and creamy.  Process until it is smooth.

Add a couple of good quality probiotic capsules or a teaspoon of probiotic powder and leave to culture for 18 hours.

When it has cultured you can mix in chopped chives and put into little moulds or a tray, or whatever makes the shape you would like the finished ‘cheese’ to be in.  Store in the fridge.

You can dip into this ‘soft cheese spread’ at any time, however it does get better with keeping.
After a week it is thickening into a philedelphia consistency, then it gets more solid …. it keeps on maturing for a couple of months.  See if you can keep it that long!

Eat as you would normal soft cheese, with (raw flax or buckwheat) bread or crudites, or many other ways.

What is your favourite raw spread?  Let me know by posting in the comments section below ;o)


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