Raw Ice Cream Part 1

If you were at the last Raw Dinner in Bideford you will have eaten 3 raw ice creams that were made in totally different ways. I am going to explain what is probably the most common way to make, raw, dairy-free ice cream that is soooooo quick and totally delicious – and it is made from bananas.

Banana-based ice creams

I am going to explain the principle so that you can make any flavour you like, rather than start off by giving you a ‘recipe’.

Take some bananas, peel them and break each one into 3 or 4 pieces and place standing on end on a tray or in a container covered with baking parchment or cling film. Okay you can lie them down, they just take up more room. It is good that they don’t touch as they will be harder to separate when frozen and the great thing is that you can make ice cream very quickly whenever you want, and so need to get out just what you want to use at any time.

Ideally, choose very ripe bananas that are black round the neck – they are ideal – and often sold cheaply. When you find them cheap buy a stash and get them in the freezer quick!

When you want to make your ice cream take out 1-2 banana’s worth for each person. No more or you will play havoc with your blood sugar levels! If you feel you really want more – go on – but be sure to buy Angela Stokes’ book ‘Raw Emotions’ and source the little greedy emotion in you and find ways to satisfy it, trick it, or boot it out!

Leave the bananas out for 1/2 hour to unfreeze slightly.

Put in either a food processor with an ‘S’ blade or a blender or a Champion Juicer with the blanking plate fitted. I used to use a Champion but I have been getting better results using the food processor [mine is a 25 year old Magimix!].

Add the ‘flavour’ you would like, eg blackcurrants, raspberries, mango pieces, vanilla extract, pineapple pieces with finely chopped fresh ginger.

Turn the processor on until it looks like ice cream.

Put in pretty dishes and appreciate the aroma to engage your digestion systems first stage – sensory appreciation! You will notice when this kicks in ’cause your saliva will start flowing.
Then eat and appreciate and know that you are not only loving your food, but loving yourself as well!
Some ideas for ‘flavours’:
berries – for a more ‘swirly’ effect, blend the bananas and add the fresh or frozen fruit afterwards
tropical ice cream – mmm! Maybe with finely chopped fresh ginger added
choc chip – fresh mint [apple mint is great] and soaked cacao nibs
chocolate and/or carob, just add in the raw, powdered form. Add some soaked cacao nibs for double choc chip!
hunza apricot – soak some hunza apricots overnight and add with the stones removed
goji and coconut – soak the gojis and dried coconut before adding
spicy! – add mixed spices or a personal mix, maybe, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, turmeric

As you can see, the only limitation is your imagination!

Have some yummy fun!

Why do I not have a photo of raw ice cream??? I think I am always too eager to eat it!!!

Lisa ;o)


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