We have just come back from a wonderful summer celebration party where we danced into the night and eat breakfast in mediteranean temperatures in the garden.  I love this summer!

Amongst the great gathering of friends were a few I had not met before one was a renowned dentist. I have always valued my teeth and so was very interested to talk teeth with her while waiting for breakfast!

During my time as a ‘rawbie’ I have been interested in the different approaches and tried as many as possible.  One that I explored was fruitarianism – eating just fruit, including non-sweet fruit, nuts and seeds. I found that my teeth and gums suffered badly, very quickly.  Pineapple seemed to especially cause problems. This put me off.  I presume that I needed a different oral care regime to eat this diet.  So perhaps this is my opportunity to clarify …

Apparently a large part of tooth decay is caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus Mutans   The food that these guys love best is sugar! When they have eaten the sugar they excrete acid – acid that makes our teeth vulnerable to decay.  So it is good to limit sugar/fruit to mealtimes and not snack on fruit. This reduces the frequency that the Mutans have to feed and excrete acid on to your teeth.  Also, it is really important to have a good cleaning regime.

I learnt today that you should brush you teeth either JUST after you have eaten or way after you have eaten, say an hour and a half.  I hadn’t been clear on that. That with your electric toothbrush you should just dab each tooth (touching the gum as well) AND then use your manual toothbrush.  Run hot water onto your toothbrush and then brush your teeth in little circles, allowing the soft bristles to reach between the teeth and around the gum area. Simples!

Don’t forget that you can also cut down lots of unwanted bacteria in your mouth by using a tongue scraper.  I have a great one I bought from my local chemist for not much money!

Keep smiling!

Lisa ;o)

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