Sprinkale and Spring Detox

I have recently sold my old dehydrator, which I had for 5 years. It was an ‘Ezidri’ and had served me well, but I wanted to be able to make square crackers and large round pie bases, so I have traded up to an Excalibur. Tonight I have all 9 trays full of crackers, including some new mixes. I am very excited and feel new inspiration!

That inspiration led me to create a new delicious recipie which I am calling ‘Sprinkale’ as it has a light flavour as well as being satisfying.

1 heaped tsp dark miso mixed in 50ml water
1 heaped tbsp tahini
½ lemon, juiced
4 spring onions rough chopped
1 avocado
100g curly kale, chopped
A few pine nuts (optional)

Mix miso and tahini and lemon juice together.
Add avocado and mush together.
Add to a bowl containing the spring onions and kale and mix until all the kale is coated.
Sprinkle on a few pine nuts if you fancy.
If you are like me, eat with loud ‘mmmm’s.

Toxing and Detoxing!

Detoxing is particularly good in the spring and autumn and three people I know are just finishing a spring detox. Well, errr, I am supposed to be doing a liver cleanse just now, but I drank a bit of alcohol on the weekend. I had 1½ pints of cider and a whisky and I was really drunk and a bit mischievous! I apologise to all the people who had flower petals in their drinks!

It has been 28 months since I started on a raw lifestyle and I have had many ups, some downs and a few crises. However, I am now at a place where certain behaviours I have are showing themselves more clearly.

I usually try to avoid a situation that I know will throw me off balance with my food. However, being a musician, the association of music and alcohol is quite deep. I didn’t drink when I first went raw but it became harder and harder to leave it out completely. I still rarely drink at all, and usually feel quite certain that I don’t want any at all, but in highly sociable and exciting situations something in me still wants to drink a bit, but no matter how little I drink, I feel terrible afterwards. My body has become more and more sensitive to it.

Preparation for situations like these is essential. I don’t want to take myself out of fun social situations, so having a great alternative to hand like a prepared juice or smoothie – even if it was a bought, non-raw one – would be better than what happened.

It is great for me to share the successes on my raw journey. I think it is also good share challenges. Meanwhile, I have ordered my apple juice and will be doing my own liver and gallbladder flush next week when it arrives.

Post your challenges below in the comments section.

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