The Miner’s Secret

Well, Amanda Beach Walker came round tonight and we went out to raid the polytunnel. As a snack to keep us going we rolled up cabbage leaves into a tight ball and munched. Great! So amazing! When cabbage is sooo fresh it is like lettuce, but more satisfying, more nourishing – it tastes great – mmm, mm.

There are sooooooooo many yummy greens in there! Celery, perpetual spinach, beet tops, rocket, flat parsley, fennel, radish leaves and miner’s lettuce! Wooaaaah! Yes!! I am so passionate about Miner’s Lettuce. It grows in the winter when other things don’t and it is so tender and succulent through the cold days. I have a whole bed that is packed and all winter I just cut off handfuls with a knife. In a day or two it has grown back so thickly that you would never know I had cut it!! In early April it starts to grow bigger and flower. Wow, the flowers are like [Amanda says] tiny bits of lace on the leaves – so pretty.

Then in the summer it dies down and I plant other things there. Next Autumn just watch it spring up again even thicker than before without me doing ANYTHING!!! It just seeds itself.

Even better, it is really high in Vitamin C!! A packet of seed will last a lifetime. There’s a good buy!

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